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Our company,Force Group international shipping, in the continuous effort of development and in finding reliable and competitive solutions to serve the transportation needs of its customers is in the position to announce the beginning of collaboration with one of the largest and most experienced european companies in the dock of railway and road transportation. This makes us more competitive in road and railway transportation of full, simple or ADR shipments.

At the moment we are in the position to serve with joint transportation, the whole of Europe apart from Scandinavian countries and Portugal, at the most competitive freight prices and transit times.

With 4 to 10 terminals in each country, with a fleet of 250 private and cooperative trailers in addition to daily departures and arrivals, we minimize the cost of inland transportation in each country significantly, as we take care of the fastest loading and delivery of your goods.

Our company employs several types of train wagons for joint transportation:





The transportation from the supplier takes place the next day or second day after the order from the client with truck or railway wagon. The transportation is direct with no transshipment and departs for Greece where upon arrival the goods are loaded again on trailer and delivered to the client the next day.

In addition to the above our company offers regular departures from our storage depots to other European countries.

In Thessaloniki in a very strategic position in SINDOS we have our own privately-owned logistics center of 42,000 square metres with a 600 metre circuitous line and 14 plumbing ramps.

We believe that the faltering sea transport with the problems at the ports and the growing cost of road transportation, together with the general financial situation makes joint transport the most advantageous regarding the cost and given services so abolishing the uncertainty of receipt of goods and the high transportation cost.


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